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Islamism is Terror and Death

The United States has a long history fighting the ‘ism.’ Nazism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, Racism, etc… Yet the most dangerous ‘ism’ of them all continues the silent war of …

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Bat Mitzvah Planning Tips

We just received the notice this week. My brother’s son, the doctor, has announced his daughter’s bat mitzvah for a date in October. His family has barely recovered from the …

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In the history of Indian religions, Buddhism occupies a unique place, first, for throwing open its portals not only to the Indians of all strata of the society but also …

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Women and Hinduism

The participation (or roles) of women in Hinduism provides a fascinating study of one of the oldest religions. The Aryans, who settled northwest India, brought their patriarchal and family-oriented religion …

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Fasting in Hinduism

Like Buddhism, fasting is a very important part of Hinduism. How fasting is observed will differ from one person to another, depending on beliefs and customs. One person will have …

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Sanatana Dharma

I was born to a Hindu family but was never taught the basic principles of Hinduism. Everything I have learned about the Hindu religion comes from reading about the language …

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