Hinduism Role and Importance of Vishnu

Vishnu is the lord of preservation and is known as the All-Provider. He performs the cosmic function of cohesion. The constructive nature of his cosmic function stands out in contrast to the destructive dispersive power of Shiva. Vishnu’s function is to ensure the sustenance of the universe that Brahma has created. He represents the cosmic … Read more

The Great Commission: Disciplining nations

Jesus commissioned the Church to disciple the nations. The meaning of this commission has been lost to much of the modern church. We have mistakenly translated this as go and make converts in all the nations by getting people saved. Or we realize that discipleship is necessary and we have new converts go through discipleship. … Read more

How Buddhism Differs from other Religions

Buddhism is not a Club religion The most important difference between Buddhism and other religions is that Buddhism is not a Club religion. In Club religions when you join the club, you become special in some way and closer to truth and God. You may begin to discriminate between those in your club and those … Read more

Wiccan Symbols and their Meaning

Wicca has a variety of paths and traditions, and each of them has adopted symbols that are relevant to them. Although all these symbols have been adopted by various Wiccan groups, not everyone will recognize the symbols as part of their individual tradition. THE PENTACLE THE PENTACLE or Pentalpha is used by Wiccans to represent … Read more

Is it a spiritual work to do spring cleaning?

When Spring is in the air, it seems as if life is breathed back into the world. Blooms start appearing and birds start building nests in the trees. As the clothes are changed out to spring attire, one discovers things stuffed in the closet and pushed to the side from last year. It is time … Read more

Forgiveness improves the human experience

It feels wonderful to be forgiven. The burden of misdeeds, with which people can almost physically feel weighed down, may be lifted with the belief that they are no longer being judged. They are given a clean slate and reminded that they should seize the opportunity to do good deeds and avoid hurting others. It … Read more

The church in post-Christian America

American culture has become vastly post-Christian. Even though churches are found on nearly every corner, the Christians of America have little impact on the culture of America. Most of the Christian political activists still operate with the worldview and methods of the Religious Right of the 1980s. In contrast, younger generation activists target social injustice … Read more

Animal Totems Hawk

Animal totems: Hawk The hawk is an animal that is both beautiful and majestic in flight and at the same time dangerous and predatory in nature. They live mainly in areas of open spaces where they can use their acute senses to help them hunt. Female hawks are usually bigger than their male counterparts and … Read more